Monday, May 14, 2007

Sad Day

Well, our house went on the market last week. This is yet another big chunk of fallout from my firing back in February. We moved to our home here in Rockland on Feb 1, 2001, and over the next six years poured every bit of heart soul blood sweat and money in to our little scrap of the American Dream. Never did we think we'd see a "for sale" sign--one placed there due to duress--in our front yard. And this is NOT a good time to sell. It's a beautiful house, but in a buyer's market where in this town alone there are 150 houses for sale. I'm most sad over losing the baby's sweet little nursery, which I spent all winter making ready.

I look forward to the day when "He Who Shall Not Be Named" gets his come-uppance. Oh and what a come-uppance it will be!

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