Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Playing the new Mobile Fidelity Soundlab remaster of Santana's legendary Abraxas conjures up a lot of teenage memories for me; 1970's summer nights with the FM radio piping from the car as we lounged by the lake, stargazing. Or wearing those big clunky headphones in my room in the wee hours of the night, spacing out to Carlos' crying guitar, Rolie's swirling B3, and that hypnotic, stereophonic percussion. The future was endless and anything was possible.

Half-speed re-cut from the original studio masters by MoFi --yes the company still exists and is going strong after 30 years-- the vinyl is quieter than the tape-hiss! Stereo width and depth-of field are better than on any CD I've heard.

Abraxas was one of the sountracks to our dreams.

Dream again with this sonically beautiful reissue.

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Perry said...

Hey Drew it's your old Friend Perry
And you are right about these new pressings. I have the complete Led Zeppelin Set on 200gm and they are unbelievable. Are you cleaning your records even the new ones? You should try steam cleaning along with a VPI machine ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL. I have over 5000 records from the 20's on and even the old ones come to life after cleaning. Check it out!

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