Thursday, June 10, 2010

Audient's Zen Desk Has "All Mod Cons" for Natt Weller

Daddy Was a Pop Star and Mama Was a Rickenbacker!

Musician, songwriter and producer David P Goodes has recently used Zen to record and mix the ultramodern pop track Tallula for rising star Natt Weller. *Scroll down to see Natt's Tallula Vid.

Son of Paul ‘The Modfather’ Weller of the Jam, Natt is carving out a style very much of his own - not only with his androgynous looks but also in his musical taste. Goodes has worked with Natt and co-writer/producer Judie Tzuke on five tracks so far, and a month after its arrival said of the desk: “Zen has made a big difference sonically. I really love the sound of it; the mixes have more depth and clarity and the top end is cleaner too.
“I was mixing in the computer before I had Zen. I now have 16 high quality analogue outputs going through Zen from Apogee DA 16X which show off the desk’s abilities even more.”

According to Goodes, Zen’s features are manifold. “I love the built-in mix bus compressor – I use it on all my mixes now. Having faders and mute and solo is so useful for quickly checking things whilst mixing. It’s also really handy to have the busses as well.

This is the Modern Zen!
See Zen here: Zen

“The centre console section is very comprehensive: things like the mono switch, 3-way monitor selection and dim switch really streamline my workflow. The cue section is great too, and means I can give my vocalists no compromise monitor mixes to work with,” he enthuses.
“Everything feels more hands on and real, having a proper mixing desk in my studio,” confirms Goodes.

Verdict? The ZEN JAMS!

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